Launch party for Joy Johnson and The Boob Girls IV: Murder at Meadow Lakes.

A launch party, complete with champagne and snacks, will be held for Joy Johnson and her new novel – The Boob Girls IV: Murder at Meadow Lakes.

Marge Aaron, retired homicide detective becomes the fourth BOOB Girl at Table 12. From the dead body on the first page to Gary the Vampire (no self-respectng vampire is named Gary) who lives in Bellow DeGround Funeral Home which is run by funeral director Morgan Graves, we can laugh out loud. And there's a mystery at the end. Do we ever find out who killed Perculator Rasmussen? Alphonso Greatwood, retired NFL tackle drives his Mean Machine scooter through the pages, Wiley Vondra experiences a senior setback because he's too old for a midlife crisis and this is, according to critics, the funniest BOOB Girl book yet.

Event date: 
Sunday, July 22, 2012 - 1:00pm
Event address: 
8702 Pacific St
68114 Omaha