80 Awesome Sports Games: The Epic Teacher Handbook of 80 Indoor & Outdoor Physical Education Games for Elementary and High School Kids (Paperback)

80 Awesome Sports Games: The Epic Teacher Handbook of 80 Indoor & Outdoor Physical Education Games for Elementary and High School Kids By Mark Dalton Cover Image
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80 Awesome Physical Education and Sport Games that Kids, Teachers and Coaches will just LOVE

Your sports session just became so much more fun with these awesome indoor and outdoor games and activities that are perfect for elementary and high school students.

Developed by Mark Dalton, Physical Education Teacher, Head of Sport and High-Level Australian Coach, this excellent resource comes with a broad range of fun & exciting GAMES & ACTIVITIES for all age groups. 80 Awesome Sports Games caters for both wet and dry conditions, indoor and outdoor classes, all ability levels and perfect for elementary and high school age groups. Students will develop excellent game awareness and teamwork skills, both in competitive and non-competitive situations through the games outlined in the book.

Each game/activity, features an easy-to-follow GAME KEY for teachers, so you can quickly check if it is suitable for your lesson.

The GAME KEY includes:

  • TIME - Time needed for the game or activity.
  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR - Is this game suitable for indoors or outdoors?
  • INTENSITY LEVEL - Activity level of the game or activity (Low/Medium/High).
  • EQUIPMENT REQUIRED - The resources/equipment you require.
  • PARTICIPANTS - How many participants can play (From 5 to 50+)

In 80 Awesome Sports Games, you will discover:

  • Exciting and active throwing, catching and striking games
  • Orientation and 'Get-to Know-You' activities
  • Fun Relay and co-operation games
  • Games from other cultures
  • Clear diagrams to help with set-up and the equipment required
  • Games & activities for the experienced and novice sports teacher/coach
  • Games for those classes when you have 50+ kids
  • Plus, many more fun activities

You will also be provided with great information for classroom management for the Physical Education and sport environment.

80 Awesome Sports Games is perfect for both experienced teachers looking to add more games to their lessons or newly graduated sport teachers just starting out.

Grad yourself a copy today and have some AWESOME FUN by scrolling up and clicking the 'BUY NOW BUTTON'.

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ISBN: 9780648681861
ISBN-10: 0648681866
Publisher: Life Graduate
Publication Date: April 25th, 2020
Pages: 102
Language: English
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