Trading In Sync With Commodities: Introducing Astrology To Your Financial Toolbox (Paperback)

Trading In Sync With Commodities: Introducing Astrology To Your Financial Toolbox By Susan Abbott Gidel Cover Image
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Use the power of the cosmos to harness your financial life. Get an edge in trading. Stay ahead of big economic trends that can affect your 401(k). Be prepared for upcoming economic shifts in business.

"Trading In Sync With Commodities-Introducing Astrology To Your Technical Toolbox" combines Susan Abbott Gidel's expertise and passion for both the commodity markets and astrology into a book valuable to traders, investors and astrologers.

  • Get a trading edge by anticipating dates for potential market highs and lows.
  • Plan your investment strategy based on long-term economic and market outlook.
  • Add commodity markets to your understanding of financial astrology.
  • See when six major markets might make highs and lows through 2020.

Written for those who might be unfamiliar with either commodities or astrology, Susan includes "101" chapters on each topic, as well as an astrological glossary. In addition, she covers how astrology can help you discover which markets you might be most attuned to trading.

When Markets Peak and Bottom

Susan researched six major commodity futures markets-S&P 500, Gold, Soybeans, Crude Oil, Euro FX and U.S. 10-year T-notes-and their connection to astrological transits, the ever-changing position of planets in the sky.

To her delight, she found that each market showed tendencies to make important price highs and price lows when certain planets made certain connections to the horoscope chart cast for when each market began trading.

This breakthrough research in the commodity markets required having the exact first-trade time and date. Susan obtained those dates and times with painstaking digging into exchange and news archives that sometimes revealed typos and errors in publicly available government documentation.

This is where Susan's 40-year career in the commodity industry served her well and enabled her to spot potential discrepancies in first-trade data in order to find true, accurate information, which is essential to first-class astrological analysis.

About the Author

Susan Abbott Gidel is the owner of SusanGSays LLC, a Chicago-based consultancy that specializes in helping traders, investors and business owners go with the astrological flow in making trading, financial and business decisions. Susan spent 35 years in the commodity futures business as a journalist and marketing executive. She writes a free monthly financial astrology newsletter for investors and traders, "Red Letter Trading Days." Susan is a graduate of the International Academy of Astrology, where she has lectured and now teaches a six-week course, "Introduction to Financial Astrology." Susan also enjoys developing the Chicago astrological community as Organizer of the Chicago Astrology Meetup Group. She is a member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR), the International Society for Astrological Reseach (ISAR), and Chicago-based Friends of Astrology. Get in touch with Susan at, on Facebook as SusanGSays and Twitter @SusanGSays. Read more about Susan and her services at

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ISBN: 9780976682028
ISBN-10: 0976682028
Publisher: Pines Publishing
Publication Date: April 1st, 2018
Pages: 244
Language: English
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