Invasion of the Aliens (Paperback)

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What would you do if you were mysteriously summoned to an exciting new world in an entirely different galaxy?
Pia knows she's in trouble when suddenly a portal appears in her school and teleports her to a different planet, in a different galaxy...
... Right into the middle of a 9-year long war between the fairy inhabitants of the planet and the invading half-slug half-octopus evil aliens.
But Pia's sudden arrival to the planet has caught the attention of a dangerous enemy... An enemy who knows that Pia has strong powers that she herself is not aware of... An enemy who knows how to turn her powers against her...
- A young adventurer.
- A traitor, out for revenge.
- A hero, hidden and ashamed.
- A fierce warrior with a horrible past.
- A beloved General, only dreading his twisted fate.
- A neglected prince, seething with unspeakable rage.
The balance of the galaxy hangs in their precarious fingers.

Via the amazing adventure through another galaxy, the story shows how important it is to appreciate everyday things (such as going to school, friends, family), and how you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

Bonus: this book also includes a 24-page Extra Content, where 12-year-old author Amy shares her writing experience, writing lessons & tips to help kids start writing their own stories.

Book size: 6x9 inches, 347 pages (110,000 words). Great for ages 10-14

Praise for The Legends of Pinena - Invasion of the Aliens
"Perfect for fans of Keeper of the Lost Cities or Dust, Invasion of the Aliens (The Legends of Pinena) is a middle grade fantasy story surrounded in magic and adventure.... This story teaches the importance of being kind to one another and that caring for each other can be the strongest type of magic there is..... Invasion of the Aliens was very fun to read and lifts one's spirits " - Pages for Thoughts

"...When I do dip into fantasy and magical realism, I hope for a unique plot with engaging characters, wildly imagined worlds, and a few crazy creatures thrown in to spice things up. I got all three with The Legends of Pinena - Invasion of the Aliens." - Always in the Middle

About the Author
At the moment, Amy Zhao is a 6th grader in the Northshore School District.
She started writing this book when she was 11 years old and published it just as she turned 12. Apart from reading and writing, Amy also likes to play basketball, sing, and dance. She adores cats.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780998029542
ISBN-10: 0998029548
Publisher: Amy Zhao Publishing
Publication Date: March 14th, 2020
Pages: 350
Language: English
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