Scarlett's Passport: Australia (Hardcover)

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Grab "Scarlett's Passport" and travel all over the globe with us, everywhere from Australia to Hawaii to Thailand! Each book is a different adventure to a new place Scarlett has never been to before! While exploring the globe, Scarlett learns about the native animals, food, language, history and much much more!

About the Author

"Before I became a mom, my passport was my most prized possession. I would jump on flights as much as possible and would travel the world at a moments notice. My dream for my daughter? That I will pass on my travel bug to her and she will spend her life traveling and learning about the world. When Scarlett was born I ran down and got Scarlett her first passport! When Scarlett was only 5 months old, she boarded her first international flight to Australia to meet her cousins. I went to bookstores and gift shops and there was no "Australia" book to be found. All I wanted to find was a book for Scarlett that actually taught her about other cultures. So instead of continuing my search that never seemed to have an end in sight, I wrote and illustrated my own book! If I can help give kids a glimpse into the rest of the world, I believe they will have a more kind and open minded perception of life" - Alli

Alli and Scarlett live in the little beach town of Carpinteria, California with the people they love the most. Alli was born and raised in California but left for a couple years to attend the University of Colorado Boulder and graduated with a BA in Fine Arts and Art History. Scarlett's Passport: Australia, is their first book in the children's series, Scarletts Passport that brings to life Scarlett's travels and adventures all around the world, while teaching kids all about different cultures. Alli and Scarlett love to go to the beach as much as possible, travel the world (obviously), sing in the car, laugh and hang with their family.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781098303686
ISBN-10: 1098303687
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: July 27th, 2020
Pages: 24
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