The Women of Berkshire Hathaway: Lessons from Warren Buffett's Female CEOs and Directors (Hardcover)

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A fascinating look at the top women at Berkshire Hathaway andhow they got there

Although proportionally women continue to lag far behind men asCEOs and board members at major institutions, there has been amarked uptick in the number of female business leaders in recentyears. Looking at the changes that have happened at BerkshireHathaway--Warren Buffett's holding company, The Women ofBerkshire Hathaway: Lessons from Warren Buffett's Female CEOs andDirectors provides a unique look at the gradual shattering ofthe glass ceiling at one of America's top firms.

An influx of female leadership over the past fewyears--today there are four female CEOs, up from just one adecade ago--has invigorated Berkshire Hathaway with energy andunique female insight. Profiling these remarkable women, the bookprovides motivational and management information for a wide rangeof readers, from business students to Buffett fans.

  • Looks closely at the female board members of Berkshire Hathawayand the female managers who run Berkshire Hathaway companies
  • Follows the paths that brought these women to their currentpositions
  • Explores their working relationship with their employees andWarren Buffett, and how they balance work and their privatelives

The only book focusing on eight of the most powerful women atBerkshire Hathaway, The Women of Berkshire Hathaway is aninspirational read about the triumph of a group of remarkable womenwithin a company once dominated by men.

About the Author

Karen Linder is the founder and CEO of Linspiration, a corporation that supports entrepreneurship, creativity, and education. She is a sponsor of the annual technology conference Big Omaha, an experienced author and editor, and a Berkshire Hathaway shareholder. Linder is a native of Omaha, Nebraska, and a member of the Board of Directors of two nonprofits, the Museum of Nebraska Art and KANEKO, and SkyVu Entertainment, a for-profit company.
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ISBN: 9781118182628
ISBN-10: 1118182626
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: May 8th, 2012
Pages: 296
Language: English