Feel-Good Productivity: How to Do More of What Matters to You (Hardcover)

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The secret to productivity isn’t discipline. It’s joy.

We think that productivity is all about hard work. That the road to success is lined with endless frustration and toil. But what if there’s another way?

Dr Ali Abdaal – the world's most-followed productivity expert – has uncovered an easier and happier path to success. Drawing on decades of psychological research, he has found that the secret to productivity and success isn't grind – it's feeling good. If you can make your work feel good, then productivity takes care of itself.

In this revolutionary book, Ali reveals how the science of feel-good productivity can transform your life. He introduces the three hidden 'energisers' that underpin enjoyable productivity, the three 'blockers' we must overcome to beat procrastination, and the three 'sustainers' that prevent burnout and help us achieve lasting fulfillment. He recounts the inspiring stories of founders, Olympians, and Nobel-winning scientists who embody the principles of Feel-Good Productivity. And he introduces the simple, actionable changes that you can use to achieve more and live better, starting today.

Armed with Ali’s insights, you won’t just accomplish more. You’ll feel happier and more fulfilled along the way.

About the Author

Ali Abdaal is a doctor and one of the world’s most-followed productivity experts. In 2017, during his final year at Cambridge University, Ali started posting YouTube videos about health and productivity. His channel now has 7 million monthly views and over 3.4 million subscribers – growing by tens of thousands each month – and his acclaimed online productivity courses have hundreds of thousands of paying students. In addition to his work as a productivity expert, Ali is a medical school lecturer, a junior doctor in the UK’s National Health Service, and a part-time magician.

Praise For…

‘A much-needed antidote to hustle culture, this book is a reality check for any ambitious person who wants to build sustainable success. It offers the most practical approach to productivity that no one says yet all of us need to hear.’
-Mark Manson, author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck

‘In this eye-opening and important new book, Ali Abdaal flips the conventional narrative on productivity: accomplishing important things is not about creating more efficient systems but instead about cultivating a deeper energy for your work. This really got me thinking!’
-Professor Cal Newport, Georgetown University, author of Deep Work and Digital Minimalism

‘Ali is the absolute master on how to be productive without sacrificing your own happiness. This is the book we've all been waiting for.’
-Dr. Julie Smith author of Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?

‘Ali’s approach to productivity is exceptional and life-changing. This is a must-read if you want to experience the power of productivity in a whole new way.’
-Professor Will Macaskill, University of Oxford, author of What We Owe the Future and Doing Good Better

‘As a doctor, entrepreneur, and educator, Ali has a unique and practical perspective on productivity. His book is science-backed, filled with real-life stories and refreshingly joyful. A nuanced guide to productivity that will unlock more honest conversations about our relationship to work.’
-Anne-Laure Le Cunff, founder of Ness Labs and author of Liminal Minds

‘Utterly unlike the grumpy, besuited psychology gurus you’re used to, Ali is the cheerful, optimistic productivity teacher the world sorely needs. Now, he has drawn upon his singularly engaging style to create a book that will change you for the better. A must-read!’
-Mo Gawdat, former Chief Business Officer, Google X, author of Solve for Happy and Scary Smart

‘I have learned more about mindful productivity from Ali than anyone in the world. He is a master of simplifying complex topics and delivering actionable insights. This book is a tour de force!’
-Sahil Bloom, creator of The Curiosity Chronicle and author of The Wealth Lie

‘Ali is the master of productivity. Nobody has a talent for distilling complicated ideas into fun, accessible and actionable insights quite like him.’
-Steven Bartlett, author of Happy Sexy Millionaire and The Diary of a CEO

"[Abdaal] uses a friendly, readable tone to relay findings from studies and experts to guide the reader with practical and thought-provoking tips. Readers overwhelmed by their daily routines will find comfort, inspiration, and a game plan." -Booklist

Product Details
ISBN: 9781250865038
ISBN-10: 1250865034
Publisher: Celadon Books
Publication Date: December 26th, 2023
Pages: 304
Language: English
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