Crypto Decrypted: Debunking Myths, Understanding Breakthroughs, and Building Foundations for Digital Asset Investing (Hardcover)

Crypto Decrypted: Debunking Myths, Understanding Breakthroughs, and Building Foundations for Digital Asset Investing By Jake Ryan, James Diorio, Ric Edelman (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Jake Ryan, James Diorio, Ric Edelman (Foreword by)
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Break through your "crypto curiosity" and uncover why blockchain innovation will revolutionize our economy, culture, and the future of investing--as well as how to navigate it safely.

Between the booms, crashes, jargon, and flashy memes, blockchain technology and digital assets have not been easy for ordinary investors to understand. Hopeful investors in blockchain, digital assets, and crypto everywhere have a lengthy list of questions--and the list keeps getting longer and more nuanced. But who do they turn to for answers?

In Crypto Decrypted, Tradecraft Capital's Jake Ryan and James Diorio decrypt a new world that is hidden in plain view, accessible currently to folks "in the know." This book is for anyone who finds themselves lost in the blockchain babble, exploring and explaining not only how to participate, but the often overlooked reasons why this new technology is relevant to every human being.

Ryan and Diorio dive in deeply, debunking common myths, clarifying major breakthroughs that are often disregarded, and providing easy-to-understand answers for both crypto newbies and blockchain enthusiasts, so they can move beyond the short-term to explore what great opportunities lie ahead for blockchain technologies while providing approaches to investing more safely and soundly so that you too can profit from this technological revolution.

You will learn:

  • The basics of blockchain technology, which will allow you to better navigate this new world.
  • The truth that debunks the six most common myths about crypto and blockchain.
  • What the Byzantine Generals' Problem is, why it is important, and how it will impact your future.
  • Why blockchain technology is so important and how it is relevant to you--yes, you
  • The ways in which blockchain innovation will transform our financial systems, our economy, and society itself.
  • How to participate in lower risk approaches in investing in digital assets to diversify your retirement portfolio.
  • Why the Information Age is over and that we've already begun a new long-wave economic cycle, the Age of Autonomy(R), what the Autonomous Economy will look like in the coming years, and how it will impact us.

Just as the internet revolutionized our world decades ago, blockchain technology will impact every person and businesses on the planet- for the better - in the decades to come.

About the Author

JAKE RYAN is the Chief Investment Officer of Tradecraft Capital. He is a former computer scientist and software engineer, and an advisor to several venture-backed startups focusing on AI. He has contributed to Newsweek, Bloomberg, Ameritrade Institutional, Harvard Business Review, and Business Insider. JAMES DIORIO is the Chief Executive Officer of Tradecraft Capital. He is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and executive with a foundation in computer science and a history of guiding ventures to realize their full potential. He is the author of the Crypto: Decrypted(R) monthly blog, which focuses on education, insights and providing clarity in this often-misunderstood space.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781394178520
ISBN-10: 1394178522
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: May 23rd, 2023
Pages: 304
Language: English
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