Rand Paul vs Ted Cruz 2016: The Libertarian-Conservative GOP Primary Battle for the Soul of the Republican Party (Paperback)

Rand Paul vs Ted Cruz 2016: The Libertarian-Conservative GOP Primary Battle for the Soul of the Republican Party Cover Image
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Read the definitive Rand Paul vs Ted Cruz book

This is the book all libertarians will be talking about for decades. Rand Paul vs Ted Cruz 2016 highlights the important similarites and contrasts between these two Senators who are leading very distinct strains of libertarianism. It outlines the challenges and opportunities facing them, but most importanly of all... it answers, once and for all, who will win.

The GOP Faces Annihilation

The GOP is on the verge of either a breakthrough or extinction, and it's political leaders know it. But no one has the courage to point out the truth: this book's author is the first person in American history to point out that the GOP has never gotten to 60 senators, the amount required to pass laws, in over 100 years. This in turn has poisoned the mindset of the establishment GOP into defeatist collaborationists. The author lays out how the GOP is basically in it's last death throes, and the nation faces eminent collapse unless something is done soon...

When Chaos Threatens, Heroes Emerge

But with risk comes opportunity. In politics, the end of one thing always means the beginning of something new. From George Washington to Raphael Cruz, to Ron Paul, this book lays out why heroes like these emerge in dark times, and how we can overcome our problems to change the system and produce more great leaders like them while removing the corrupt elites that are doing harm to America.

Buy This Book and Share It With Friends

This isn't just a political book with an entertaining analysis of the fight between Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, it's a political manifesto, a detailed explanation of human nature, politics, and how to take political action. It's a one-stop-shop for anyone who loves freedom or wants a smaller government. It lays out simple solutions that average citizens can take to change everything in America almost single-handedly by using various "loopholes" in GOP rules as well as in local state procedures

Product Details
ISBN: 9781517012397
ISBN-10: 1517012392
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2015
Pages: 140
Language: English
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