The Girl in the Green Dress (Hardcover)

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Tom Lando's hate for the Soviet government was only slightly tempered by his love for a Siberian girl. The ultra-secret agency he worked for didn't have a clue about his past and the childhood skills that made him perfect for this job. He was just another recruit, one of hundreds of parentless kids they threw to the wolves in the hopes that one or two would make it back with real intelligence.

In the training, he didn't shoot the way they wanted him to. He just hit the targets. He didn't like the training and quit, but came back a few weeks later. The Director signed him off as qualified without finishing the training, and then sent him off to Siberia hopefully to die. Tom survived and came back with tales of bodies floating downstream. They sent him again, and he came back with defectors and intelligence. Every time they sent him out he defied the odds and the leaks that told the Soviets he was coming. As a satellite verifier, Tom's job was simple - find out as much as possible about a facility the satellite had photographed, get in, check it out, and come home. His boss called him a glorified burglar...

Product Details
ISBN: 9781634917155
ISBN-10: 1634917154
Publication Date: September 20th, 2016
Pages: 226
Language: English
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