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This book could be a guide on what governments should not do in the face of the current coronavirus crisis.

A worldwide Ebola crisis and over reactive world governments have put greedy class action lawyer Jack Gamble on the verge of a big payday when the judge allows the class claim to go forward and orders the United States and its CDC to provide discovery. George Parker, head of security at the CDC, needs to keep things hidden. By trickery Jack is found by a court to have Ebola in a summary deportation and dropped amongst the class he represents in the middle of Ebola Island, formerly known as Madagascar.

Ebola Island is out of control. It is a modern day leper colony. Food, medicine, supplies and money have been systematically siphoned off leaving the residents of the island sick and starving. Many have turned to cannibalism to survive. All vestiges of order or control have been overrun by the time Jack is dropped at an airstrip on the island. Survival is uppermost as Jack must cross the island on foot with no food or water except what can be scavenged and he must avoid the roving bands of cannibals. To make matters more difficult Parker has sent trained armed men to track and kill Jack and has put a huge reward out to area bounty hunters if they can find and kill Jack. Against these obstacles Jack has the help of two unarmed locals and support back in Cincinnati from his lawyer and his girlfriend.

During his journey Jack finds compassion even for the cannibals who would like to capture and cook him. Jack rediscovers his own capacity to love and is driven to try to get back to his girlfriend Maddy. Can Jack overcome these obstacles and get back to the woman he loves?

If you like series like Jack Ryan and Harry Bosch, try Jack Gamble and his premier in "Ebola Island."

"Remarkable characters propel a potent story brimming with action and suspense." Kirkus Reviews

A portion of the author's proceeds will be donated to the Middletown Community Foundation in the author's hometown of Middletown, Ohio.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781709976155
ISBN-10: 1709976152
Publisher: Gregor Pratt
Publication Date: November 24th, 2019
Pages: 346
Language: English
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