A Technical History of America's Nuclear Weapons: Volume II - Developments from 1960 Through 2020 - Second Edition (Paperback)

A Technical History of America's Nuclear Weapons: Volume II - Developments from 1960 Through 2020 - Second Edition Cover Image
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This is the Second Edition of A Technical History of America's Nuclear Weapons: Volume II -Nuclear Developments From 1960 Through 2020. Volume II takes up where Volume I ends. It is written in the same straightforward, easy to understand, manner as Volume I. American nuclear weapons and delivery systems are presented in a rough chronological order with some weapons treated individually and others in functional or family groupings. Like Volume I, Volume II combines development histories with engineering descriptions to illustrate the performance characteristics of each weapon described and the design challenges that faced their developers. Basic data about weapon operation, delivery systems, and deployments are also included. Editing the material that previously comprised the First Edition has allowed room for two additional chapters and an afterword. These chapters focus on the nuclear weapon systems under development that will form the new Nuclear Triad. The weapon systems include the B-21 Raider stealth bomber, the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent ICBM, and the Columbia SSBN. The afterword discusses some dubious aspects of the choices made for the new Triad. Like the First Edition, this Second Edition is lavishly illustrated with hundreds of photographs. Volume II: 1) Uses official Military Characteristic (Parts) Numbers for components where available, a very useful tool for internet searches 2) Discusses second generation multi-megaton hydrogen bombs including the three-stage, 25-megaton MK 41, America's most powerful weapon 3) Outlines the evolution of jet-powered, medium and heavy, strategic bombers-Discusses the continued development of tactical nuclear bombs and their delivery systems 4) Explains the mechanism of Dial-a-Yield, used in the B61 and B83 bombs 5) Follows the evolution of liquid and solid fuel ICBMs, which now form the core of the nuclear triad - based in silos and on-board Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines 6) Describes the evolution of Multiple Independently-targetable Reentry Vehicles (MIRVs) that allowed Moscow to be targeted with four hundred thermonuclear warheads 7) Takes up the development of tactical nuclear missiles where Volume I left off 8) Describes the development of Enhanced Radiation or "neutron" weapons to minimize casualties in the European Theater 9) Outlines how tactical nuclear missiles and nuclear artillery were combined to provide "Terrain Fire", in which thousands of overlapping nuclear bursts to depths of 50 or 100 kilometers along an adversary's border would annihilate its forward forces leaving millions of dead 10) Follows the development air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles, including the W61 warhead, which used gold to produce extremely high intensity radiation for use in the vacuum of space 10) Discusses the B-21 Raider, GBSD ICBM, and the Columbia Class SSBN that form the new Nuclear Triad 11) Reviews the Russian "doomsday" Poseidon torpedo and other new weapons and their implications for American deterrence 12) Considers the implications of the termination of The New START Treaty.
Volume II now contains a new Chapter about the Ripple Secondary, which was to be upgraded into 35 megaton warheads and 60 megaton bombs. It also contains a new section on the proposed B-52J.

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ISBN: 9781718121362
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Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 10th, 2020
Pages: 646
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