Technical & Fundamental Analysis for Beginners 2 in 1 Edition: Take $1k to $10k Using Charting and Stock Trends of the Financial Markets + Grow Your I (Paperback)

Technical & Fundamental Analysis for Beginners 2 in 1 Edition: Take $1k to $10k Using Charting and Stock Trends of the Financial Markets + Grow Your I By A. Z. Penn Cover Image
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How do you succeed in the stock market even if you have never bought a single share of stock before ?

The stock market is the greatest financial machine ever created.

But if you want to succeed financially, you must understand how the stock market actually works.

Are you prepared to take your piece of it?

To start with, you need tried-and-true investing strategies that are successful even in uncertain times.

And you need to stay away from the traps and costly mistakes that beginners make.

And that's what you'll find in this mega 2 in 1 edition book.

You'll learn how to trade based on what the charts tell you, and make great returns while limiting your risks.

Marty Schwartz used technical trading to boost $40,000 to $20 million in a few years, and Ray Dalio (Bridgewater Associates) built a $10bn fortune setting up computer algorithms to look for good trades.

Jay Edward Smith made returns of over 50% in 2019 trading stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Olivier Danvel, a low risk trader, has a target 1% monthly return and hasn't had a single negative month in three years

And you could join them

Here is just a fraction of what you'll discover

  • Why "the trend is your friend" - Page 34
  • How long could it take a beginner trader to take their $1k investment and scale up to $10k profit - Read more on page 214
  • How you can trade the same stock again and again in a long term trend and make money every time - Pages 46-47
  • The #1 greedy mistake my friend made that you must avoid - Page 189
  • Technical trader Michael Masters claimed a 70% win rate, according to Jack Schrager in Market Wizards - learn how you can too on page 216
  • Why a 'failed' chart pattern might still create a profitable trading opportunity - Page 134
  • Understand why the FOMO mentality is so dangerous. "If you don't buy it now, you'll never be able to get into the stock" - Page 145

You'll also learn how to analyze a company's financial reports and business which can make you great returns by buying stocks below their true value. That's the way Warren Buffett made his $96.3 billion

It's the way Peter Lynch took the Fidelity Magellan fund from zero to hero - making a 29 percent annual return and increasing the value of each $1,000 invested in the fund on day one to $28,000 when he retired.

Tiffany James started with a single investment in Tesla back in 2019. She built her initial investment into a $2m portfolio and now runs online community Modern Blk Girl.

With tips like...

  • How to spot the kind of stocks that made Warren Buffett nearly $100 billion - Page 392
  • If I told you a business had a P/E ratio of 28, would it be overvalued or undervalued? Learn more on page 410
  • What caused these 6 reliable companies to go bust - Page 391
  • Why this is the only time you should ask your friends for advice - Page 310
  • If I promise to pay you $161 in five years' time, what is that promise worth right now? Find out on page 425

...and much, much more.

Plus $200+ worth of trading + investing resources for free inside the book

This book is written in plain English and free from repetitive technical jargon. You'll find easy-to-follow advice, plus concrete examples of everything we teach.

So even if you've never read a single stock market book in your life, this book on its own will give you all the basics you need to become successful in stocks.

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ISBN: 9781739925048
ISBN-10: 1739925041
Publisher: A.Z Penn
Publication Date: April 3rd, 2023
Pages: 526
Language: English
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