Survival Medical Handbook 2022-2023: Step-By-Step Guide to be Prepared for Any Emergency When Help is NOT On The Way With the Most Up To Date Informat (Paperback)

Survival Medical Handbook 2022-2023: Step-By-Step Guide to be Prepared for Any Emergency When Help is NOT On The Way With the Most Up To Date Informat By Small Footprint Press Cover Image
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Discover what you need to know to respond correctly to medical emergencies when no doctor is around

Do you want to stop worrying about letting your child play on their own, knowing you can confidently handle any mishaps ranging from head bumps, cuts, to accidental consumption of a chemical?

Would you like to know how to effectively tend to serious wounds, stop heavy bleeding, and increase an injured person's chance of a quick and uncomplicated recovery?

Would you like to master the technique that will prevent someone from choking to death?

If you've answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then look no further.

With comprehensive guidance, you will acquire the practical knowledge of exactly what you can do if an emergency arises.

Quite naturally, in times of emergency you would think to call for medical help.

But, what if help wasn't coming any time soon?

You never know when or if you'll be in a situation where your city is hit by a hurricane or an earthquake... and all medical emergency teams are overwhelmed.

Or simply, a car accident or on a remote retreat, with no help in reach...

According to WHO, roughly 5.8 million people (or 10% of the world's deaths) die from injuries per year. That's 32% more than the people who die from malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS combined.

But there's no reason to panic.

With the right understanding of survival medical procedures, you can finally gain the confidence to face any emergency you may encounter, and have the peace of mind that your loved ones will be safe around you.

In Survival Medical Handbook 2022-2023, you will discover:

● The know-how of essential techniques you can use in nearly any medical emergency situation

● How to overcome any intense emotion you experience in the moment by knowing exactly what your priorities should be

● How to deal with minor emergencies to avoid their escalation into more dangerous ones

● Step-by-step responses to serious emergencies that could mean the difference between life or death

● Discover the benefits of herbal products, such as ginger and aloe vera, and how they could be used during medical emergencies

● Easy DIY replacements for crucial medical items when your first aid kit is not in reach

And much more.

Your bug-out-bag and first aid kit are completely useless if you don't know what to do with them when an emergency hits.

There's no need to worry though. Even if you are not a trained paramedic, you will still find that the information and response techniques to the widest range of emergency situations offered to you are easy to understand, and even easier to apply.

If you want the peace of mind knowing that you've done all that's possible to save a life in an emergency, then scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button right now.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781914207815
ISBN-10: 1914207815
Publisher: Muze Publishing
Publication Date: October 31st, 2021
Pages: 268
Language: English
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