The Hangul Story Book 2: The Sounds and Stories of the Korean Vowels (Paperback)

The Hangul Story Book 2: The Sounds and Stories of the Korean Vowels Cover Image
By Anna
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We will make you laugh

We will make you smile

The Hangul Vowels bid to tell you

To come and stay awhile

The Korean Vowels are easy and fun to learn with the Hangul Story Sparkling eyes, little fits of giggles, stimulated minds, and a rosy warmth of your child are the gifts that come with The Hangul Story. As the pages turn, your child will be enchanted into a world where smiling friends await them, each eager to share the sounds that make them special and unique. The Vowels with its haphazard-looking geometric lines will not be confusing anymore. The Hangul friends will define them and give a memorable meaning--an understanding that will truly delight your child There will be no more hemming and hawing or the "I don't want to learn Korean". No more of "Hangul is boring." New friends in the Hangul Story will usher your child into a world of colorful sounds and whimsical drawings--a world that he/she will love. "Come in Come meet us," say the Vowels. A wonderful Hangul world with all its delightful sights and sounds bids your child to come in and enjoy. (Enjoy learning that is. But that is a secret )

Miss Anna is pleased to unveil the sequel of her beloved Hangul Story. THE HANGUL STORY Book Two is the second educational fiction that focuses on teaching the sounds of the Korean vowels. Like the previous story that teaches the Consonant sounds, Book 2 which teaches the Vowel sounds is filled with morsels of delicious knowledge and witty fun. And the pictures, they are bright and welcoming, the line art simple yet beautiful. Sincerely, Miss Anna believes learning should be a joyful experience for all children, and her newest picture book, The Hangul Story Book 2, serves upholds this value unwaveringly. Buy the book to enter into her world Invite your child into the world where Hangul characters laugh and play, and just waiting for your child to enter in. Make the first steps of learning the Hangul Vowel sounds truly a delightful and a memorable one

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ISBN: 9781945977084
ISBN-10: 1945977086
Publisher: Lumpy Publishing
Publication Date: December 15th, 2018
Pages: 90
Language: English
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