Everything You Should Know About: US Presidents (Paperback)

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National Learning Association presents: US PRESIDENTS

Are your children curious about US Presidents? Would they like to know what role does the US President have? Have they learnt who George Washington was or how John F. Kennedy died? Inside this book, your children will begin a journey that will satisfy their curiosity by answering questions like these and many more

EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT: US PRESIDENTS will allow your child to learn more about the wonderful world in which we live, with a fun and engaging approach that will light a fire in their imagination.

We're raising our children in an era where attention spans are continuously decreasing. National Learning Association provides a fun, and interactive way of keep your children engaged and looking forward to learn, with beautiful pictures, coupled with the amazing, fun facts.

Get your kids learning today Pick up your copy of National Learning Association EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT: US PRESIDENTS book now Table of Contents Chapter 1- What is the Role of the President of the United States? Chapter 2- Who was George Washington? Chapter 3- What was James Monroe Known For? Chapter 4- How Many Terms of Office did Martin van Buren Serve? Chapter 5- What War Broke Out Under President James K. Polk's Presidency? Chapter 6- How did Zachary Taylor Die? Chapter 7- What was Franklin Pierce's Nickname? Chapter 8- What was Abraham Lincoln Best Known For? Chapter 9- How Long was Ulysses S. Grant in Office For? Chapter 10- What were Grover Cleveland's Last Words? Chapter 11- What Prestigious Prize was President Woodrow Wilson Awarded? Chapter 12- Where was Franklin D. Roosevelt Born? Chapter 13- What is Dwight Eisenhower Best Remembered For? Chapter 14- How did John F. Kennedy Die? Chapter 15- Why did Richard Nixon Resign? Chapter 16- What Famous Treaty did Jimmy Carter Oversee? Chapter 17- What was Ronald Reagan's Economic Policy Known As? Chapter 18- Who is William Jefferson Clinton Married To? Chapter 19- What is Barack Obama Best Known For? Chapter 20- What did Donald Trump do Before He was Elected President?

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ISBN: 9781976561634
ISBN-10: 1976561639
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 19th, 2017
Pages: 44
Language: English
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