Stock Trading: BUY LOW SELL HIGH: The Definitive Guide For Beginner Traders In The Stock Market (Paperback)

Stock Trading: BUY LOW SELL HIGH: The Definitive Guide For Beginner Traders In The Stock Market By King Peterson Cover Image
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Traditionally, the only way an average person could invest in the stock market was through a brokerage firm. This meant that the average investor had to go to their local bank or investment firm to open up a brokerage account. From there, a stockbroker or professional money manager would handle their investment capital.

Day trading is a short-term investment approach. This approach is based mainly on stocks. As such, day traders trade stocks of publicly-traded companies in the United States. In fact, the most successful day traders are the folks that are able to understand the fundamentals of the markets and how to manage the trading platform. Beyond that, all you really need is common sense. Unfortunately, this isn't something that is taught in graduate programs. Most professionals with advanced degrees get caught up in complex models that don't always reflect the fundamentals of the markets.

In This Book You Will Learn:

✓ The Fundamentals of Day Trading

✓ Characteristics of a Day Trader

✓ Day Trading as a Full-Time Career

✓ The Difference Between Day, Swing, and Position Trading

✓ Benefits of Day Trading

✓ Drawbacks of Day Trading

✓ Essentials of Trading

✓ Opening a New Brokerage Account

✓ Placing Your First Trades

✓ Best Time to Trade

✓ Risk Management

✓ Golden Rules of Money Management

✓ Basic Technical Analysis Tools for Day Traders

✓ Using the moving average to enter and exit a trade

✓ Choosing the Best Stocks for Your Portfolio

✓ Company Financials

✓ Earnings Per Share

✓ What are Penny Stocks?

✓ Picking the Right Trading Strategies

✓ Getting Started with Your First Trade

✓ Understanding the Fundamentals of Position Trading

✓ Difference Between Position Trading and Swing/Day Trading

✓ Reasons for Investing Long-Term

✓ Stocks to Hold for Long-Term

✓ Fundamentals of Position Trading

✓ Use of Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis in Position Trading

✓ Long-Term Investment Instruments

✓ Building Wealth Through Position Trading

✓ Protection Against Shifts in the Market


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ISBN: 9789814952101
ISBN-10: 9814952109
Publisher: Jw Choices
Publication Date: January 31st, 2023
Pages: 126
Language: English
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