Kids Ramadan Stories for Bedtime: Inspire Young Minds with Islamic Traditions (Paperback)

Kids Ramadan Stories for Bedtime: Inspire Young Minds with Islamic Traditions By Azhar Abdelrahman Cover Image
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Spark Joyful Ramadan Nights with 30 Bedtime Stories for Muslim Kids

Nurture Faith & Celebrate Traditions: "Ramadan Bedtime Stories for Kids"
Embark on a heartwarming journey this Ramadan with a delightful collection of 30 bedtime stories, designed specifically for Muslim children ages 3-8.
More than just stories, this enchanting book offers:
  • Unforgettable evenings: Create lasting memories with captivating tales told night after night throughout the holy month.
  • Islamic values come alive: Instill kindness, honesty, compassion, forgiveness, and sharing through engaging narratives.
  • Meet the Prophets: Learn about the inspiring stories of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Prophet Musa (AS), Prophet Yunus (AS), and others, fostering a connection with Islamic history.
  • Unveiling Ramadan practices: Discover the significance of Suhoor and Iftar meals, the joy of giving through Zakat (charity), and the importance of helping others.
  • Quranic wisdom: Explore the wonders of creation, the power of Dua (supplication), patience, gratitude, and the importance of family and community through stories based on Quranic teachings.
"Ramadan Bedtime Stories for Kids" is the perfect companion for Muslim families seeking to:
  • Strengthen their child's Iman (faith): Provide a gentle introduction to Islamic values and practices in a captivating way.
  • Build cherished Ramadan traditions: Create a special bedtime routine filled with stories, fostering a love for the holy month.
  • Spark meaningful conversations: Each story opens doors for discussions about Islamic teachings and personal reflection.
Don't just wait for Eid celebrations, make every Ramadan night magical
This heartwarming collection is a must-have for Muslim families seeking to nurture faith, build traditions, and celebrate the spirit of Ramadan together.
  • Age-appropriate language makes it engaging for young children.
  • Beautiful background to bring the stories to life.
Get your copy today and make Ramadan unforgettable

Product Details
ISBN: 9798884682894
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 13th, 2024
Pages: 118
Language: English
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