Consignment & Local Authors

The Bookworm is proud to support local authors by offering consignment for books we cannot order from the distributor or self-published titles.

Our Consignment Agreement is 180-day terms with the option to extend the Agreement once. The Agreement is the industry-standard 60/40 split.

To have your book considered for consignment with our store, please complete the following questionnaire and send your responses to
Responses will be fielded to either our Front-End Manager for adult books or our Children's/Y.A. Department Manager for those titles.

Release Date:
1-2 sentence description of the book:

Why would your book be a good fit for The Bookworm?
Why are you seeking consignment with The Bookworm?
Who is this book for and/or what is the target audience?
What, if any, is your connection to the Omaha metro and/or The Bookworm?

Consigned books must meet the following criteria:

  • Either paperback or hardcover bound. No spiral bound or stapled
  • Title on the spine*
    • Author's name on the spine is also preferred
  • 13-digit ISBN printed on the back
  • Priced the same for us in-store as it is elsewhere/online, outside of special promotions
  • No mention of Amazon on any stickers or blurbs

Further information about drop-off and Agreement terms will be provided once the book is reviewed and we decide it is a good fit for the store.

*Exceptions may be made for slim books, such as poetry collections or children's books. That decisions is left to the discretion of the appropriate department manager.


This page does not detail the full terms of the contract. More information can be requested but will be provided upon completion of the questionnaire. 

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