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Written in Koine Greek, it is interesting to note that Meditations was never written by Marcus Aurelius with the intent of publishing. In fact, the work had no official title to begin with, and it came to be commonly known as “Meditations” over time. A collection of 12 books detailing his reflections on life and his attempts to understand his own self, the world, and the universe, these private notes were penned for self-improvement. Little did he know that one day his private writings will go on to serve as a timeless text on Stoic philosophy to political and philosophical thinkers, as well as readers across the world. Each of the 12 books comprising Meditations chronicles a different period in the life of Marcus Aurelius. The central focus of the book remains analyzing the self as well as others by developing a higher perspective on life and situations. One of the strong themes of the book is the idea of nature, in that everything originates from nature and everything will return to it in due course of time. He advocates practicing restraint against overindulgence in sensory pleasures and cultivating rational thinking to live a harmonious life. In the 21st century, Meditations has found strong relevance and resonance among people seeking to wield power over their mind and draw strength from the spirit.

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