Local Author Day

Local Author Day – 

12:00-1:00 | Janette Calabro will sign Aphrodite’s Complex ($14.99). You’d think that someone named after the Greek goddess of love would have no trouble with romance—but you’d be wrong. Klutzy, quirky, 39-year-old Aphrodite Aldo seems to simultaneously attract and repel prospective suitors. One stalker ex-girlfriend , a barroom brawl, and a marriage proposal later, Aphrodite is convinced she’s found her soul mate. Is she fated never to find true love?


12:30-1:30 | Michael Campbell will sign Of Mice and Me ($13.95). Description: Using astrology to help you vote. What to eat for your last day on Earth. Kissing Jesus on the lips. Being a pall-bearer for a man he’s never met. Author of the spit-out-your-coffee funny Are You Going To Eat That, Campbell offers seventy all new stories, mouse tales, and more. They’re hilarious when they aren’t heartbreaking. Often they’re both. 


1:00-2:00 | Dan Bird will sign Waking Up in the Spiritual Age ($11.00). A major shift in occurring in this world, and more people are experiencing unexpected phenomenon in their daily lives. Unusual "signs" and intuitive thoughts just might be messages from those who have passed. The world is waking up and this book is for those who are sensing this shift and feel there must be more to life than what we experience on the surface. If you are ready to begin your own spiritual journey this book is for you!


1:30-2:30 | Scott McPherson will sign Crisis on the Ice. In Antarctica, Gabe Hunter and his team of research students go about their work to gather ice cores when they are confronted by the appearance of a massive ice crevasse. This leads to the discovery of something so momentous they must get information back to their home base, at McMurdo Station. Before they can even to that they are swept up into an international conflict that could affect the stability of the whole world.


2:00-3:00 | The Alternative Book Club will sign Spotlight on the Art of Resilience. Resilience is largely an exercise of mindset and mindfulness, of perspective and persistence, of ways of thinking and of will. Inside, you will find personal stories and their lessons that are intended to help anyone who is struggling with a personal test or dealing with loss.

Event date: 

Saturday, August 19, 2017 - 12:00pm

Event address: 

The Bookworm
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