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The World War II Book Group will discuss Operation Neptune: The D-Day Landings and the Allied Invasion of Europe by Craig Symonds (Oxford University Press, $16.95). The code name for the Normandy invasion in 1944 was Overlord, but everything that came before, including the landings themselves and the supply system that made it possible for the invaders to stay there, was code-named Neptune. Symonds now offers the story of this Olympian effort, involving transports, escorts, gunfire support ships, and landing craft of every possible size and function. The obstacles to success were many. In addition to divergent strategic views and cultural frictions, the Anglo-Americans had to overcome German U-boats, Russian impatience, fierce competition for insufficient shipping, training disasters, and a thousand other impediments, including logistical bottlenecks and disinformation schemes.  Symonds shows in this gripping account of D-Day that success depended mostly on the men themselves: the junior officers and enlisted men who drove the landing craft, cleared the mines, seized the beaches and assailed the bluffs behind them, securing the foothold for the eventual campaign to Berlin, and the end of the most terrible war in human history. 

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Monday, September 25, 2017 - 2:00pm
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The Bookworm
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ISBN: 9780190462536
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Published: Oxford University Press, USA - May 1st, 2016