MiTek: A Global Success Story, 1981-2011


MiTek: A Global Success Story, 1981-2011 by Jim Healey ($74.95, 2012). This is the story of how a small, Midwestern firm - on the verge of financial collapse - was able to reinvent itself in less than a decade and become the dominant supplier in the industry.  Despite this success, the new management team has, since the early 1990s, taken the company to even greater heights while establishing itself as not just the global market leader, but also the market maker worldwide.  In 2001, Gene Toombs, MiTek’s Chairman and architect of the highly successful market strategy, reached out to Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, sending him the symbol of MiTek’s success – a connector plate!  Within a few months Buffett brought MiTek into the Berkshire family.  Over the past decade, MiTek’s performance in a challenging economic period has more than justified this partnership.


History of MiTek
Price: $74.95
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