RESPECT Community Partner

RESPECT has helped give children, teens, college students and adults throughout Nebraska and Iowa the skills they need to prevent and to stop bullying and other forms of abuse in relationships for 20 years.Through the use of interactive educational theatre programs specifically developed to convey the information, skills, practice and resources our audiences need to help themselves and help their peers, they enhance their participants’ abilities to be safe and healthy in a wide array of challenging relationships and situations. Learn more about their services here.

We are seeking to help in this mission by providing recommendations on tough topics for resilient kids and teens. Staff can offer additional guidance or suggestions in-store or by phone at (402)392-2877, just ask for the children's department.

Educators and non-profits should also make us of our Educator's Discount, which provides 20% off purchases for educational use. We can also process orders with tax exemptions and offer no-cost in-store pickup. Please include your name, email, tax exemption number, and organization in the Order Comments during check-out or call 402 392 2877 and ask for Hannah in the Children's Department for order processing. 

For PreK to Kindergarten

For Kindergarten to Third Grade

For Fourth to Sixth Grade

For Sixth to Eigth Grade

For Ninth to Twelfth Grade

RESPECT Reads Book List

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