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The Bookworm has the honor of providing the book store at Berkshire Hathaway annual meetings. We have a complete selection of books by and about Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, the Berkshire managers, and investing. Only items approved by Berkshire Hathaway are sold at the annual meeting. Berkshire books may also be purchased in the store or online.

The full list and description of books that were approved by Mr. Buffett for sale at the 2022 annual meeting can be downloaded at this link, or scroll to the bottom of the page. You may also browse by category at the bottom of the page.

Books new to the Annual Meeting Selections for 2022 include:

1. Margin of Trust: The Berkshire Business Model by Larry Cunningham and Stephanie Cuba ($24.95). Cunningham and Cuba develop a new account of how Berkshire Hathaway works, showing that the key to its success is trust. Profiling partnership practices and business methods, they contend that Berkshire's distinguishing feature is a culture in which autonomy and decentralization are core management principles. They provide instructive examples of how this model has been successfully adapted by other companies that share a faith in trust as an organizing principle.

2.  My New Berkshire ABC by Nancy Rips, illustrated by Matt Haney ($19.95). Kids will learn the alphabet the Warren Buffett way: A is for Apple, B is for Benjamin Moore, C is for Coca Cola, D is for Duracell. It’s everyone’s favorite family Berkshire book, brand new and updated for 2022! 

 3. <Charlie Munger's Pick> The Caesars Palace Coup: How a Billionaire Brawl Over the Famous Casino Exposed the Power and Greed of Wall Street by Sujeet Indap and Max Frumes ($19.99). It was the most brutal corporate restructuring in Wall Street history. The 2015 bankruptcy brawl for casino giant Caesars Entertainment pitted brilliant and ruthless private equity legends against the world's most relentless hedge fund wizards. These modern financiers now dominate the scene in Corporate America as their fight-to-the-death mentality continues to shock workers, politicians, and broader society—and even each other.

4. Americana: A 400-Year History of American Capitalism by Bhu Srinivasan ($18). America has been a place for people to dream, invent, and build in pursuit of a better life. Americana takes us on a four-hundred-year journey through a series of Next Big Things -- the inventions, techniques, and industries that drove American history forward. The result is a history of modern America that reframes events, trends, and people we thought we knew through the prism of capitalism.

5. Capital Allocation: The Financials of a New England Textile Mill 1955–1985 by Jacob McDonough ($25). Capital Allocation is the true story of a once dying company that rejected its fate and carved out a unique path to success. A deep love and affection for capitalism and compound interest helps reading the pages contained in this book. The historical financial statements contained in Capital Allocation are sure to stimulate the senses and inspire readers to rethink what is possible for the allocation of capital.

6.The Complete Financial History of Berkshire Hathaway: A Chronological Analysis of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger's Conglomerate Masterpiece by Adam Mead ($75). This comprehensive analysis distils Buffett's Chairman's letters, Berkshire Hathaway annual reports and SEC filings, annual meeting transcripts, subsidiary financials, and more. The reader can follow the logic, reasoning, and capital allocation decisions made by Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger from the very beginning. Shareholders will find new information and refreshing analysis, and a convenient guide to the decades of financial moves that built the modern-day enterprise that is Berkshire Hathaway.

7. Running with Purpose: How Brooks Outpaced Goliath Competitors to Lead the Pack by Jim Weber ($28.99). Weber is credited for focusing Brooks solely on delivering personally inspiring products and experiences that keep people running. Running with Purpose is a leadership memoir with insights, inspirational stories, and tangible takeaways for current and aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, and the 150+ million runners worldwide.

8. Trillion Dollar Triage: How Jay Powell and the Fed Battled a President and a Pandemic---and Prevented Economic Disaster by Nick Timiraos ($30). As the Fed rushes to rescue the economy, Timiraos goes backstage to reveal what Jay Powell and his colleagues were doing, thinking, and worrying about and why. It’s all here: the history, the economics, the politics, the tensions between key actors, the revealing interviews, the previously unreported details – all meticulously reported and deftly told.

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